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Chuck Smith

Leather Artist

Chuck Smith is well known for his Western Floral "Hollywood" style of leather carving. He was raised in North Hollywood during the heyday of the "B" Western movies. As a teenager, he exercised horses for the movie studios and fell in love with the fancy saddles and gun leather. He was lucky at the time to have been able to study his new craft under the direction of Joey Smith, Lad Haverty and others. He attended guild meetings to watch Al Stohlman, Al Shelton, Cliff Ketchum and Kenny Griffin demonstrate. He credits all of them for his carving ability today, especially Al Shelton, who is still a good friend. A self-taught engineer, Smith designs and manufactures the OL' Smoothie line of swivel knives, blades and sharpening tools. He has always strived for perfection in creating new tools for the public and to improve the art of leatherwork. Smith has also designed patterns for Tandycraft's Craftaids and has appeared as an instructor on the Carol Duvall TVB show. He has sponsoredand taught at many seminars in leather carving in order to share his knowledge with others. Some of these seminars are: Japan, 1994; Leather Artists of America, National Cowboy Hall of Fame, Oklahoma City; Annual Western Floral Seminar, Gene Autrey Museum of Western Heritage, Los Angeles; Annual Western Floral Seminar, Brownwood, TX; and The 1999 Gathering of the Masters, Sheridan, WY. ln 1996, he was presented with the Al Stohlman Award for Achievement in Leathercraft.


 Here is Chuck with his incredible wife Lana who runs CST.

Chuck and Lana

A man of many talents, Chuck and Lana also run a successful auto business.




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