Chuck Smith Leather Tools

Ol' Smoothie Aluminum Swivel Knife

Tool Type: Swivel Knife

Material: Aluminum

Description:  Made in the USA, CST offers these beautifully designed Aluminum Swivel Knives. Nicely balanced, these knives provide a lightweight alternative to Stainless Steel.

Available Barrel Sizes:

Short Lite: 1/2" Barrel - Cradle Length 2” (adjusts to approximately 2 ¾”)  Temporarily out of stock

Tall Lite: 1/2" Barrel - Cradle Length 2 1/2"  (adjusts to approximately 3 5/8" Temporarily out of stock

Large Lite: Close to 5/8" Barrel - Cradle Length 2 1/2” (adjusts to approximately 3 5/8”)


NOTE: All knife measurements will be from where you would rest your fmger in the curve of the cradle to the end of the knife barrel- not including the blade itself. All measurements are approximate.


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