Chuck Smith Leather Tools

On behalf of Chuck and myself, I'd like to welcome you to our new web site, blog, and online store.

We're excited to have a one site where everything that Chuck would like to share with the community of leather workers around the world will be hosted. Although, neither Chuck not I are very tech savvy, we have enlisted the help of a friend, and we're excited to share everything that's happening with CST (Chuck Smith Tools). Whether it's monthly specials on tools, video's of Chuck telling stories from years past, pictorials of Chuck's work, or updates on future show attendance and live seminars being offered, will be your one stop shop.

If you're use to speaking with me directly, don't fret we're still available by phone and offer our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!


Happy Leather Working,

Lana Smith

Written by Mike Rauber — March 21, 2013


Welcome to Chuck Smiths leather tools, maker of some of the world's finest Swivel Knives, Stamps and Sharpening Systems.


We promise to only send you good things.