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Lacing Punch

Our new automatic hand punch was originally developed over fifty years ago. It provides consistent, even holes
punched on both sides of your leather. Three punch sizes are available: 3/32", 1/8" and 5/32". This valuable time saver is designed for either angled or slotted holes. Different sizes of lacing styles may be created: Cordova, buck stitch or whip lace.

The hand operated handle is easy to use. Using two or three fingers on your right hand, push the handle all the
way down as it punches through the leather and moves the punch to the left for spacing for the next hole to be
punched. As the handle returns up into the top position, let your thumb help the handle return. You may feel a
little drag as the punch clears the newly punched hole. Use your free hand to help feed your leather project
through the punch, holding down the leather and guiding it while punching through it.

Spacing the holes from the edge of the leather is adjusted by moving the slider plate by loosing the thumb screw in the back and moving the adjusting plate in or out. Correct spacing and the angle of the punch will add to the creative interest of your leather project. The spring tension is pre-set, but may be adjusted for different type and thickness of your leather. Check the alignment of the hole slots in the spring and punch base. Always make sure that your punches are sharp and do not have any burrs.

The adjustment knob is marked in four positions: #1 top----5/32"; #2 left-3/32"; #3 bottom- 3/32 (closer holes); #4 right 1/8". Additonally, you can select for your variety of lacing options.


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